Sunderland mk1 Back In Stock

The mk1 is back in stock!

Hello Sunderland mk1 fans!  We are happy to announce the popular Sunderland mk1 pen is back in stock and better than ever!

It has been quite a while since our store was stocked - We've been busy upgrading our capabilities to improve quality and ensure a steady flow of pens to the store.

As always, the mk1 is still made in our small shop in Pennsylvania.  Stop by the online store and check out the new green mk1!

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Sunderland Machine Works - All New Colors Now Available!

Sunderland Machine Works - All New Colors Now Available!

All of our new colors, including blue, are now available on the Sunderland Machine Works store.

Happy holidays!

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Sunderland Machine Works - New Stock Available!

We are happy to announce that nickel mk1s are back in stock!

The parts for the new run of anodized pens are out for finishing and we will get them back early next week.  Along with black, the new colors will be blue, red, orange, and grey.  We will be out of clear mk1s until early next year.

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Sunderland Machine Works - mk1 Stock

We are running a few weeks behind our originally published stock replenishment date.  Please be patient and check back often for updates.

We will have the Nickel mk1s in stock first, followed by the anodized versions approximately one week later.

Thanks again to all our great (and patient) customers!

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Sunderland Machine Works - mk1 Stock Update

Sales of the Sunderland mk1 pen have been stronger than expected!  As a result, were are nearly out of stock on all finishes.  We have been machining parts to replenish our inventory, and expect all finishes to be back in stock by November 4th.

Along with the currently offered finishes, we will be adding blue, orange, and red anodized to the line-up.  I hope you will enjoy the new colors!

Thanks again for the support!

Please note - any orders placed the week of October 17th will ship the following week.

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Sunderland Machine Works Launch!

We are proud to introduce the Sunderland Machine Works website and store!  Home of the innovative and exceptionally crafted Sunderland mk1 pen.

We have limited stock remaining of the first run mk1 pens - so get one quick while they last!  More are currently in production and along with this new run we will be adding some exciting new color choices.

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